Prince Harry is shining light on the preparations he and Meghan Markle did before meeting then-Prince Charles.

Express UK said the former working royal gives the public more insight into the encounter via his newly released memoir titled, “Spare.” As noted, he wrote about the time his wife met his father, recalling details from the engagement.

In its report, the outlet quoted the Duke of Sussex from his book, writing, “Her hair was down because I suggested she wear it that way. Pa likes it when women wear their hair down.”

Prince Harry is also said to have revealed in his material that he told Meghan Markle to wear little makeup. He stated that the then-Prince of Wales “didn’t approve of women who wore a lot.”

In “Spare,” the author also describes the former “Suits” actress as “beautiful” in her “full skirt, patterned with flowers,” according to Us Weekly.

But, aside from the suggestions the former working royal had given to his then-girlfriend, he shares in his book how he prepped her on the greeting protocols, as per the outlet.

Prince Harry is said to have written that he and Meghan Markle “had rehearsed this moment several times,” adding that for the now-monarch, King Charles III, she should curtsy and “say, ‘your royal highness’ or ‘sir.’”

The Duke of Sussex also reportedly recalled in his memoir how he advised the former actress to give his father a kiss if he “leans in” and a handshake if he does not.

The “Spare” author shared, as well, in his book that they enjoyed their time with then-Prince Charles and then-Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, adding that the now-Duchess of Sussex “talked about her two ‘fur babies,’ Bogart and Guy, both of whom were rescues,” as per the publication.

Elsewhere in “Spare,” Prince Harry reveals several other personal details about King Charles III.

In the same report, published Thursday, Express UK shared some of these things, including how the British Monarch, who allegedly has a bar in his bedroom to help him balance, begins his day with a headstand.

The Duke of Sussex is also said to have written how his father works extremely hard, reportedly revealing he and Prince William found him at night sleeping at his desk.

The highly anticipated memoir, “Spare,” hit shelves on January 10.

Members of the British Royal Family have yet to release any comment regarding the book and the claims.