An expert believes that the British public has rallied behind Kate Middleton and Prince William amid the claims from Prince Harry in his newly released memoir, “Spare.” This is said to place them in an even “stronger position,” making them much “stronger” as a young family.

Speaking to Express UK, Nile Gardiner shared an insight into the dynamic between the Duke of Sussex and the Wales couple following the release of the former’s bombshell book.

The Washington-based foreign policy expert deemed the claims about the Prince and Princess of Wales as an “astonishing betrayal” from the former working royal’s part, telling the outlet that aside from being “an attack among the monarchy and Royal Family,” the memoir is “also a direct attack on William and Kate.”

The expert continued to the publication that Prince William will see “Spare” as a “knife in the back,” which is why he believes that the relationship between the two royal siblings “is now irreparably damaged,” adding that “there is no going back from this.”

Despite this, Gardiner asserted in the same exchange, published Wednesday, that these “relentless attacks” from Prince Harry have backfired. He explained that these things “have further increased and enhanced the popularity and standing of the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as their young family.”

The expert also told the outlet that Prince William and Kate Middleton “will be in an even stronger position in the wake of the memoir,” before noting that the “British public has rallied around” the royal couple.

In the end, Gardiner said, “If Harry’s intention was to undermine his brother, it has massively failed in every respect.”

The highly anticipated memoir of Prince Harry, titled “Spare,” hit shelves on Tuesday. He launched several claims about Kate Middleton and Prince William, including the text messages sent between his sister-in-law and Meghan Markle over the now-infamous bridesmaids' dresses.

The Duke of Sussex detailed the conversation in his new memoir and revealed that he later discovered his wife sobbing “on the floor," according to Page Six.

Following the emergence of the book alongside the claims and accusations, though, members of the British Royal Family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, have yet to make a comment about the matter.

Reports noted, nevertheless, that the palace would not comment on any allegations in the memoir.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton was seen in public for the first time since the release of “Spare” on Wednesday.

A separate report from Express UK noted that the Princess of Wales was spotted behind the wheel, adding that she sported a beige coat and a scarf for the outing.

It also recalled that Wednesday’s outing came two days after the future Queen Consort marked her 41st birthday.