Prince Harry shared his thoughts on how things would be different between him and Prince William if their mother, Princess Diana, were alive.

People reported that the former working royal, whose memoir recently hit shelves, discussed the matter in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert. He sat down for an engagement with the talk show host on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show.”

The conversation surrounding the Duke of Sussex’s relationship with the Prince of Wales is said to have begun after Colbert asked him how their mother “might handle this moment” if she were still alive.

The celebrity host was referring to the tension between the royal siblings, per the magazine.

Prince Harry is said to have told Stephen Colbert that he and Prince William “wouldn’t have got to this moment” if their mother, who passed away in 1997, was still with them.

Although the former working royal noted that “it’s impossible to say” where he and his brother “would be now” or “where those relationships would be now,” he believes that things would be different.

The Duke of Sussex explained to the talk show host that “there is no way that the distance between my brother and I would be the same,” as per the outlet.

Over the weekend, Prince Harry revealed that he has not spoken to Prince William and King Charles III “in a while.”

Page Six shared in a report that the “Spare” author revealed the matter during an interview with Anderson Cooper for an episode of “60 Minutes.” As noted, it came after the host asked him whether he remains “in touch” with his brother and father.

The Duke of Sussex is said to have told the personality that the last time they spoke was “not recently,” reportedly after sharing, “Currently, no.”

Despite this, though, the former working royal reportedly shared that he is “look[ing] forward” to a reconciliation with the British Monarch and the future King.

Last week, Prince Harry also talked about how Princess Diana would feel about the relationship he currently shares with Prince William.

At the time, Entertainment Tonight said the Duke of Sussex shared an insight into the matter during an interview with Michael Strahan for “Good Morning America,” adding that he was asked about the rift between him and his brother, and how their mother would feel about it.

The former working royal is said to have stated that their mom would likely “be sad,” adding that “she would be looking at it long-term, to know that there are certain things we need to go through to heal the relationship.”