Adele allegedly has big hopes for 2023. Star claimed that she and her boyfriend, Rich Paul are looking forward to their wedding, as well as the arrival of their baby.

“They steal precious time together and when they’re apart, they’re in constant contact,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Adele wants to be a second-time mom, and Paul is also looking forward to the prospect of being a father.

“Things are going so great between them, their friends think 2023 could be the year they make it happen,” the source said.

But before the couple reached this point, there were rumors that they also went through a rough patch.

Last year, rumors swirled that Paul proposed to Adele after the singer was photographed with a huge ring on her finger.

But just months later, Adele stepped in public without the sparkler. Shortly after, speculations became rife that Adele and Paul already ended their relationship.

However, the back and forth did not end there because after the split rumors made headlines, Adele and Paul stepped out in public again, proving to their supporters that they are still together.

During an interview, the British singer also gushed about her boyfriend. She admitted that she enjoys spending time with Paul. And since they are always together, Adele said that she feels as though they are already married.

And it was after the singer dropped the “married” word that multiple tabloids insisted that Adele and Paul are ready to settle down. However, it’s evident that they just took the singer’s words out of context.

There’s no indication that Adele and Paul will soon tie the knot. And since the latter has not yet proposed to the former, it’s unlikely that a wedding to take place anytime soon.

And since there’s no wedding yet, there’s also no way for Adele and Paul to already be planning on having a baby.

It is important to note that Adele has already been blessed with a son from her previous marriage. And there’s no indication that she wants to have a second child.

But if and when it happens, Adele and Paul will most certainly be wonderful parents to their baby. But until they share the news with the world, everyone else should just wait and see for now.