Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly has a new love interest following his split from Camila Morrone, as well as his rumored fling with Gigi Hadid.

Star, in its Jan. 16 issue, claimed that DiCaprio has the hots for stunning model Shauna Sand.

“Shauna Sand is just Leo’s type, young, pretty, and fun. A recent LA date – after which the flirty twosome drove off together – is raising a lot of eyebrows,” the source said.

The source clarified that DiCaprio isn’t looking for anything serious. He simply wants to have a good time and wants to get to know the 23-year-old former Playboy Playmate.

Luckily for the “Titanic” actor, sand doesn’t allegedly mind DiCaprio’s refusal to have something with her. After all, she’s also looking for something more chill and casual.

Last month, Daily Mail dubbed Sand as DiCaprio’s new flame after they were spotted on a date. The rumored couple also went to The Birds Street Club and they left the bar together.

But just weeks before DiCaprio and Sand were photographed together in public, the actor was also linked to Gigi Hadid. For months, multiple tabloids claimed that Hadid was smitten with DiCaprio and she also wanted to have a serious relationship with him.

However, DiCaprio wasn’t allegedly interested in anything serious because he’s known for having short-lived relationships that never end up at the altar.

As a result, Hadid’s very protective sister, Bella Hadid allegedly reminded the model that she shouldn’t even bother hanging out with DiCaprio because the actor is bad news.

After the tabloids failed to prove their claims that Hadid and DiCaprio were getting to know each other, they insisted that the actor wanted to pursue a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen again.

In November, it was confirmed that Bundchen and Tom Brady officially went their separate ways. So, sources alleged that DiCaprio wanted to be there for the Brazilian model.

He allegedly called Bundchen and told her that she could lean on him for anything, and she happily obliged.

However, none of these claims are accurate. DiCaprio isn’t dating Sand, and he didn’t also date Hadid. His last relationship was with Morrone, but they split last summer.

It’s not also true that he wants to get back together with Bundchen. The latter is still moving on from her own divorce.