Valerie Bertinelli has been dubbed a yo-yo dieter because she has been gaining and losing weight in recent years.

But according to National Enquirer, Bertinelli ballooned to 203 pounds after she finalized her divorce from Tom Vitale

“Valerie has had a tough couple of years, with the death of ex-Eddie Van Halen in 2020 and her brutal divorce from Tom Vitale in May. And she’s trying to bury her sadness by eating,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Bertinelli was humiliated by the revelations that Matthew Perry shared about their hookups years ago. And this also triggered her to overeat.

“She’s not a partier or drinker anymore so she’s finding comfort the only way she can – with food,” the source said.

But a second source for the tabloid insisted that Bertinelli could be at risk of a heart attack because of on and off weight gain.

“She’s a heart attack waiting to happen,” Dr. Stuart Fischer said.

In August, Bertinelli made headlines amid her divorce issues with her ex-husband. At the time, Star claimed that Vitale is challenging the validity of the prenup that they signed before they tied the knot years ago.

“He needs help covering his monthly expenses, which include $20,000 for rent, $1,730 for groceries, $2,000 for eating out, $2,500 for vacation, $625 for clothes, $600 for housekeeping, $5,000 for his savings, and more,” the source said.

In July, Globe claimed that Bertinelli’s ex-husband was demanding $50,000 in monthly spousal support from the actress. A source also insisted that Vitale had a hard time accepting the fact that his ex-wife never really got over her other ex.

“They grew apart and everyone with eyes and ears knows it was because of Eddie. He was always there between them. It was clear to everyone around them that Eddie came before Tom and that’s hard for any marriage,” the source said.

But in the end, Bertinelli and Vitale also reached a divorce settlement so things seem to be looking good for the Hot in Cleveland star.