Valerie Bertinelli and her ex-husband, Tom Vitale are still finalizing the details of their divorce.

A source told Globe that Bertinelli is feeling the pressure because it’s obvious that Vitale wants nothing else but her money.

In fact, Vitale has allegedly been demanding Bertinelli give him $50,000 monthly in spousal support. And he will allegedly use the money to go on vacations and fund his lavish lifestyle.

Bertinelli has been trying to shut down Vitale’s demands for spousal support by saying that she had to work hard and spend long hours in the studio just to make money. Unfortunately, Vitale couldn’t care less.

In fact, he’s convinced that his ex-wife is earning so much more than what she’s been telling him before because she’s been in the industry for decades.

“They grew apart and everyone with eyes and ears knows it was because of Eddie. He was always there between them. It was clear to everyone around them that Eddie came before Tom and that’s hard for any marriage,” the source said.

Last month, Globe published a similar story about the exes, who called it quits in 2019. But at the time, the tabloid claimed that Bertinelli has a $20 million fortune that she wants to protect from Vitale.

“Valerie just wants to make it clean and uncomplicated. And Tom seems to have other ideas. Friends are saying this is the last thing she needs. This divorce could get ugly very fast,” the source said.

As of late, Bertinelli and Vitale have not shared details from their divorce settlement with the entire world. So, no one knows for sure how much he’s asking and if he’s really after the actress’s money.

But it is true that Bertinelli never really got over the dad of her son, Wolfang. Eddie Van Halen passed away in 2020 just before the actress divorced Vitale. As such, the Hot in Cleveland star never really got over her son’s dad.

According to insiders, this is another issue that Vitale has. It’s the fact that his ex-wife never really stopped thinking of Van Halen even while they were married. As such, he vowed to make Bertinelli’s life a living hell.

However, none of these claims are true. What’s only accurate is that the exes have not reached a settlement.