Taylor Swift surprised her fans and followers after revealing the titles of multiple “Midnights” tracks. She also explained the inspiration behind one of the titles, sharing that it had something to do with her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

People said that the 32-year-old songstress spent the wee hours of Friday morning unveiling the titles of the tracks through the TikTok series entitled “Midnights Mayhem With Me.”

Swift launched the material more than two weeks ago, where in each episode, she spins a cage of numbered ping-pong balls and lets it decide which of the track titles she would announce.

Among the ones she named earlier on Friday is the first track of the new and upcoming album, which will drop on October 21.

The magazine quoted the “Me!” singer from the latest series episode, announcing, “Track one is called ‘Lavender Haze.’”

Following the unveiling of the first track’s title, Taylor Swift took her thoughts to Instagram to explain the inspiration behind “Lavender Haze.” She posted a short clip in which she also revealed how she came up with it.

The “Lover” artist said she learned about the phrase “lavender haze” after watching “Mad Men.” She noted that she “looked it up because I thought it sounded cool,” adding that it turns out to be a “common phrase used in the ‘50s, where they would just describe being in love.”

Swift continued that being in the lavender haze means one is “in that all-encompassing love glow,” which she deemed “really beautiful.” She argued, however, that "theoretically," when one is in that space, they would do "anything to stay there."

The “evermore” artist consequently stated that “a lot of people have to deal with this now,” not only public figures, “because we live in the era of social media.” She explained that the rest of the world usually weighs in when they “find out that you’re in love with somebody.”

Taylor Swift later appeared to have become a bit more specific, stating that it is like her relationship with Joe Alwyn, although she did not mention his name. 

People, in its report covering the matter, quoted the songstress from the clip, including the latter part, saying, “Like my relationship for six years, we’ve had to dodge weird rumors, tabloid stuff, and we just ignore it… And so this song is sort of about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff.”

The post has since amassed more than 1 million likes.

A few hours later, Taylor Swift made another update on her official Instagram account, sharing the cover art for "Midnights" with the titles of all the tracks unveiled.