Eva Mendes continues to show her love and support for Ryan Gosling.

On Wednesday, the 48-year-old actress posted photos of her partner of 11 years on Instagram, featuring him posing for Gucci’s new Valigeria campaign. She captioned the post with, “Ummm…... Yes please,” and tagged the brand in it.

HollywoodLife, in its report covering the social media update, said that the post, alongside the caption, proves how Mendes is “still not immune” to Gosling’s charms even after 11 years together and two kids.

It also described the images, which the “Ghost Rider” actress shared with her fans and followers, in its latest report, published later that same day.

The outlet said that the first photo shows Ryan Gosling on the tailgate of a pick-up truck with a half-eaten hamburger and overflowing pieces of luggage from Gucci.

As for the second picture, it is noted that the “Big Short” actor sits on the sand, alongside a pile of Gucci bags, as he reads a magazine.

In the final photo, Gosling can be seen pushing a bell-hop cart loaded with pieces of Gucci luggage while in a double-breasted suit from the same brand.

The post has amassed over 71,300 likes and hundreds of comments. Several netizens appeared to have noted that Eva Mendes is “lucky,” while others shared compliments over the photos.

Earlier this week, the “Girl In Progress” actress made a similar social media update on her official Instagram account. But, instead of photos, she shared a clip of Gucci’s new Valigeria campaign, featuring Ryan Gosling.

Eva Mendes wrote in the caption, “My Magic Man.” She also tagged the brand in it, and included her partner’s initials, “RG.”

The post has since obtained nearly 100,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments. Many of the commenters shared their compliments toward the “La La Land” actor and the material itself.

On September 30, GQ named Ryan Gosling as Gucci’s “newest guy,” adding that he is the face of the brand’s new Valigeria campaign. 

It noted that appointing the actor for the campaign “makes total sense” as he “has long been one of the film industry’s favorite clotheshorses.”

Meanwhile, in support of one of Gosling’s new ventures is his partner, Eva Mendes.

The “Place Beyond the Pines” stars first sparked romance speculations while working for the said film project in 2011. They appeared to have confirmed the relationship after having a joint outing in September of the same year, according to Us Weekly.

In 2014, Mendes and the “Notebook” actor welcomed their first child together. They had their second daughter nearly two years later.