Kourtney Kardashian got candid about the changes in her body in a new episode of “The Kardashians” Season 2. She talked about how she has come to love her “thicker body” and how Travis Barker has helped her “embrace” it.

E! News reported that Thursday’s episode of the reality series showed the 43-year-old personality discussing the matter with her glam squad as they prepared for a magazine photoshoot. As stated, she told her team that she “used to go so much by weight” and revealed that her previous weight was 95 pounds.

Kardashian reportedly continued that “105 became my new normal weight.” But, she is said to have noted that her current weight is 115, adding that she is “stuck on the number.”

The publication also noted that Travis Barker has seemingly helped the Poosh founder see herself in a new way. This came after she praised her husband, whom she deemed “supportive,” for being reassuring.

In its report, published Thursday, E! News quoted Kourtney Kardashian from the latest episode of “The Kardashians” Season 2, saying, “I mean every day, Travis is like, ‘You’re perfect.’ If I make one complaint, he’s like, ‘You’re perfect. You’re so fine… You’ve never been better.’ Now, I’m so into it.”

The reality star, who tied the knot with Barker earlier this year, also reportedly shared in a confessional that “having a partner who is so supportive of me and always complimenting me, no matter what, it’s just helped me to really embrace the changes.” She is also said to have noted that this has helped her arrive at “the point where I love the changes now.”

Entertainment Tonight released a similar report covering Kourtney Kardashian’s other comments about her body in the same episode of “The Kardashians.”

As reported, the reality star first discussed the matter by acknowledging that her “body has changed." She argued, however, that “it was like all of the hormones that the doctors put me on” due to the IVF treatments she and Travis Barker had had.

The publication also noted that Kourtney Kardashian explained how undergoing the treatments in eight months had “taken a toll” on her body, both “mentally and physically.” But, despite the said changes, she pointed out that she has come a long way to get “to the place of feeling really comfortable and happy” with them.

Elsewhere in the exchange with her glam team, the mom of three is said to have remarked that she is “so into my thicker body,” adding that her “a** is amazing.” She also reportedly described her skinny self as “cringey,” noting that she felt that way when she looked at photos of herself before gaining weight.