Kim Kardashian shared some revelations about her relationship with Pete Davidson. She stated that, per her boyfriend, she would become “obsessed” with him in four months.

Us Weekly reported that the reality star’s claims emerged in the latest episode of the “Kardashians.” It premiered on Thursday, with the material picking up where it left off last week.

Kardashian shared that she and the 28-year-old comedian “have been dating for a few months.” She added that they are “doing really good” in their relationship.

The SKIMS founder continued that Davidson once told her he would “grow on” her, and she just needs to wait. He also stated, “I give it four months in and you are going to be obsessed.”

The reality star consequently shared what her response was to the “Saturday Night Live” alum. She said, “I was like, ‘OK. We will see.”

In the same episode, someone from the background of Kim Kardashian’s confessional asked her about being “in love” with Pete Davidson. She smiled before teasing, “I don’t know if that is any of your business.”

Thursday’s episode began with the KKW Beauty founder taking a flight on her new jet. The scene moves on to her getting a “surprise gift” from the “SNL” alum, according to Mail Online.

As seen in the material, the special surprise was a box of Dibs candy. Kim Kardashian, then, told pals that they are her “favorite,” adding that she is “obsessed” with it.

The reality star consequently recalled the time when she and her boyfriend went to Staten Island to watch a movie. She shared that all she “wanted was Dibs,” before noting that the dessert is now only accessible at gas stations.

Kardashian, later on, asserted that “it’s the cutest, littlest things,” leading to her pals saying that they could not “get over how sweet” the surprise was.

Recently, Pete Davidson made headlines after witnesses saw him holding hands with his partner’s six-year-old son. Reports said they were out shopping at The Grove without the reality star.

Following the outing, E! News revealed that multiple sources spoke to them about the “burgeoning relationship” between Kim Kardashian and the comedian, alongside the former’s children.

As claimed, the romantic tie between the two celebrities “has become more serious” today. She reportedly feels “very comfortable allowing Pete to be around the kids, and has spent a lot of time with them recently.”

Insiders also claimed that Kardashian “did not want to force anything and loves that it has been a natural progression.” She was said to “love that she can trust [Davidson] to take [her children] to do activities on his own.”