Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated the Platinum Jubilee with the British Royal Family in the United Kingdom. Following their return, some personalities reportedly believe that the pair, especially the former actress, should “apologize” for their actions in the last few years.

Express UK reported that one of the individuals who have urged the Duchess of Sussex to apologize is Nile Gardiner. He is said to be a former aide to the late former Prime Minister of the U.K., Margaret Thatcher.

The aide reportedly stated that [he is] “still waiting for [the former working royal’s] apology” to the British Royal Family and the “British people for all her failed attacks on the [British] Monarchy.”

Gardiner is also noted to have stated that Meghan Markle “may want to think about a different career.” He explained that her “campaign has not been a great success,” considering that the Platinum Jubilee was a “massive success.”

The publication recalled that the former working royals’ return to the United Kingdom last week marked their first public appearance with the British Royals since the premiere of their “bombshell” interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As reported, she accused a senior member of the Firm of racism, while the royal-born Prince “lashed out” at Prince Charles during the tell-all chat in 2021.

The Duchess of Sussex was also claimed to have suggested that “one of the most senior” royals “rejected her pleas for help.” Moreover, reports said she accused the Palace of “perpetuating falsehoods.”

Royal biographer Tom Bower reportedly had similar assertions about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. An earlier report from Express UK said that he shared his reactions and comments about the former actress’s presence at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations during an engagement with GB News.

The publication quoted the expert saying, “Here is this woman who has not apologized for all the lies she told on Oprah Winfrey.”

It continued that she has not apologized, as well, for “all the terrible trouble she has caused the [British] Royal Family,” and “not least, the racist allegations.”

Bower’s claims came as he reportedly accused the Duchess of Sussex of “self-promotion.” He was said to have asserted that the former actress “just [came] over [in the U.K.] to promote herself.”

Meanwhile, Angela Levin told The Sun that Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, “felt… he deserved an apology,” according to 7News. She reportedly noted that the royal-born Prince believed the ongoing “rift” among the British Royal Family members “was not his fault.”