Charlie Weber and Liza Weil of “How To Get Away With Murder” (HTGAWM) appear to have rekindled their romance. This comes after the actor paid his co-star a sweet tribute on social media on Sunday.

Mea World Wide said that the 43-year-old celebrity took his short birthday greeting to Instagram. Alongside the caption, “Happy Birthday Baby!!!,” which comes with a red heart emoji, the post also features a photo of him and Weil.

The image shows Weber and the 45-year-old actress holding hands outdoors. This has reportedly seemingly confirmed that the two actors recently rekindled their romance after breaking up three years ago.

Charlie Weber also tagged Liza Weil in the post. It has since received more than 100,000 likes and over 1,200 comments.

Many of the netizens in the comment section left heart emojis. As for others, they appeared to have expressed their joy for the pair in what seems to be their romantic reunion.

Some commenters, meanwhile, asked in the comment section whether Weil and Weber have gotten back together. However, no confirmations have been heard yet as the two actors have not released any official word about their relationship.

Liza Weil and Charlie Weber parted ways after three years of dating in 2019. The actor confirmed the matter in a statement to People at the time, according to E! News.

The former model stated that he and Liza “share an amazing relationship rooted in love and respect.” He added that their link “has found its way back to the great friendship [they have] always had.”

The “As They Made Us” actor also noted that they would “continue to support each other.” Moreover, they would “always love working together.”

Weber and Weil indeed continued to work together in the months that followed. At the time of their split, Season 5 of “How To Get Away With Murder” was still up on small screens.

Fans would then recall that the final installment of the hit series premiered later in 2019 and ended its course in 2020.

Liza Weil and Charlie Weber confirmed their romance in June 2017. A rep for the former model exclusively told People that the two had been dating since summer 2016.

During an engagement with “Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss,” the “Everwood” actor opened up about his romance with the “Cleaning Lady” star. He shared that their relationship developed “naturally” following their respective divorces.

Weber also noted that he and Weil are “very like-minded when it comes to [their] approach to acting.” He said that they are “two actors who are very dedicated to what they do and have a very easy time separating who [they] are and who [they] are as characters.”