Florence Pugh has a couple of huge movies in her kitty. On top of that, she was recently nominated for an Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for portraying Amy March in the coming-of-age period film Little Women. Been one of Hollywood's most talented new actors, she understandably lives a large portion of her life in the spotlight.

Her romantic relationship with Zach Braff has raised a few eyebrows. Braff propelled to skyrocketing popularity after making an appearance on nine seasons of comedy-drama YV series Scrubs. Living in the spotlight, Pugh has faced strong criticism for her choice of partner, but the Midsommar actress isn't willing to stand for hate and responded with a strong message for those criticizing her during a recent interview.

Both Pugh and Braff have kept details about their romance under wraps, but there's hearsay that they got together back in 2019, when photographers captured them being affectionate together in New York City. If reports doing the rounds online are anything to go by, they met each other while shooting a short film entitled The Time it Takes to Get There.

On Apr. 6, Pugh took to her official Instagram handle to share a sweet picture of The Ex actor, wishing him a happy 45th birthday in the caption section. This was one of the rare occasions in which either Pugh or Braff have personally referred to the relationship. She gave Braff happy birthday wishes, boogies, and cheers, referring to him as a special person in the post.

Braff, on the other hand, shared a picture of Pugh donning pink socks on his IG Story on the same day. According to a Showbiz CheatSheet report, Florence Pugh and Zach Braff have probably adopted a dog together, giving the impression that things are getting serious but it looks like some fans aren't happy about the match.

There's a vast 21 year age gap between Pugh and Braff. One of the fans took to the comments section to express frustration asking the actress to refrain from dating someone who is 20 years older than her, describing the whole thing as disgusting. A major portion of the hatred reflected in the comments section was based on the couple's age difference.

In a bid to respond to these hateful comments, and put a lid on the bullying, Pugh posted a video on Instagram, noting that 70 percent of the comments were hurling abuse and bullying someone on her page. The actress gave pieces of advice to her fans to refrain from making such comments, adding that she will not allow that behavior on her page as it makes her upset.

Pugh also said she was 24 years old and didn't need them to tell her who she should or should not love. She clarified that it wasn't their place and had nothing to do with them.