Kloots has been keeping her husband's huge fanbase updated about his health status by sharing posts on social media platforms. In one of her recently shared social media updates, Kloots revealed that hospital regulations don't permit her to meet his husband, who is negative for COVID-19.

Nevertheless, she is still talking to Cordero through video calls and sometimes involves their 11-months old son, Elvis. “He says he recognizes me,” Kloots said. Explaining how the duo is communicating, Kloots said that Cordero looks up for communicating a yes and looks down when he wants to say no.

She recalled asking the nurse if her husband could see her over FaceTime, and the nurse telling her to ask Cordero. She said, ‘Nick, can you see me?’ and he looked up immediately, which meant that he can. And when she put their son on the FaceTime, Kloots said her husband's eyes get really big and he seems extremely alert, according to a Yahoo Entertainment report.

Even though Cordero can't smile yet, Kloots says he lights up when he sees Elvis. More importantly, she revealed that the Broadway actor is doing well overall. His mental status is improving considerably, Kloots said, adding that it is fantastic. On the downside, they are still dealing with a lot of infection in his lungs.

Kloots said it is important for Nick to recover from the infection of the lungs. As soon as there's an improvement in that area, Kloots said he will be able to get off the ventilator and also get off dialysis. Cordero had several supporters after he was hospitalized, including his fellow actor Sylvester Stallone. The "Rocky" actor recorded a get-well-soon message for Cordero.

Kloots was completely surprised by the message, calling it "a code Rocky moment." After been in a medically induced coma for numerous weeks, Kloots announced Cordero was awake on Tuesday. On Apr. 1 she announced that he was initially admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, which later turned out to be COVID-19.

Following the confirmation about Cordero's health improvement, Zach Braff shared a photo of his friend, his wife, and their son Elvis, cheering up the Broadway star and urging others to smile like Elvis, USA Today reported. Admitting that they have a long road ahead, the Scrubs actor wrote Nick is looking around and answering questions by moving his eyes.

Moreover, he urged those rooting and praying for Nick to continue to do so. Aside from that, he asked him to continue supporting his friend's "superhuman wife" Amanda Kloots. He concluded a message noting that the beginning has begun.