Sources have accused Jay Cutler of been rude to his ex-wife Kristin Cavallari’s family, friends, and even fans throughout their marriage. The actress recently filed for divorce from Cutler, citing marital misconduct.

After ten years together, Cavallari and Cutler decided to throw in the towel, and things turned out to be quite messy. Kristin attributed her decision to part ways with her husband to “marital misconduct,” but if Daily Mail sources are anything to go by, the real reason why the couple decided to split has to be with Jay been impolite.

According to a source, Kristin didn't mind Jay being lazy and that wasn't the problem at all. Deeming these stories as "BS," the source claims Kristin's issue was how Jay behaved with her, their family, friends, and fans. The source claims the reason why their marriage shut down has to do with Jay been rude and dismissive of anyone who'd approach the popular television personality.

Another Daily Mail source said Jay was rude to everyone, particularly fans who just wanted to say hi to them in public. He would either send them off or roll his eyes to their face if they asked or a photograph. Kristin, on the other hand, knew how important her fans are, while Jay showed no tolerance for them and continue embarrassing her.

The source says this was how Jay behaved throughout their marriage, and that is exactly why it came to an end. "Once a jerk, always a jerk,” the source said. All of a sudden this year, Cutler stopped giving his wife time and kept pushing her away, making her feel isolated.

Even when Cutler was in the same house with her and their children, Kristin couldn't help feeling she was alone. To make things worse, Jay was perpetually in a bad mood and closed off. The source suggests there was ice running through Jay's veins and he continued been colder and more distant as the year went on.

Jay's behavior when his wife was filming her reality show can be touted as at an all-time low. If something didn't turn out the way he wanted it to turn out, Jay would simply take his microphone off and leave angrily. But much to his relief, Kristin was an executive producer so those horrible scenes and her husband's unprofessional behavior were never televised.

As of now, Kristin and Jay have reportedly worked through their custody issues. Moreover, the former couple isn't living in the same house either.