It has been reported that while Jennifer Garner and John Miller are quarantining in different locations, their relationship is still going strong.


The actress is happier than ever with her boyfriend amid reports that her former spouse Ben Affleck is dating Ana de Armas. Many of the fans were, however, concerned about Garner after she got divorced.


There are innumerable fans that have showered her with compliments for being such a great ex-wife. She has given respect to her former husband for being their kids’ dad and helped him on various occasions even after their split. 


The mom-of-three has been making self-sacrifices as she brings her children up with great care. Fans have been wondering who is taking care of Garner while she cares for so many people around her, Celebrity Insider reports. 


According to a new report, things between the actress and Miller are going well and her beau makes her happy. Speculations are rife on whether John Miller and Jennifer Garner will get married or not. However, it seems that the actress is not in a hurry to walk down the aisle once again.


Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly reported last month that all is well between Garner and her boyfriend. The pair has been quarantining at different locations because of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.


The outlet mentioned that a source close to the couple has told them they have not seen much of one another “because of the whole social distancing thing.” The CallGroup CEO is in self-isolation with his kids while the actress is quarantining with her three children.


However, that does not mean that there is something wrong in their relationship. In fact, In Touch also got to know from another source in Mar. this year that Garner and Miller are “doing great.”


The source added that their relationship has become stronger because of “staying out of the limelight.” The insider added that Miller’s life is different from the actress’s world and “so it works for them.”


It was also reported that John Miller is extremely independent, as well as, “likes to take things slow.” The CEO is also the co-parent of a young daughter and he does not wish to barge into “Jen’s public life.”


While the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic had compelled them “to see a little less of each other than usual,” the duo is trying “to make it work.” The source added: “He loves Jen and she loves him.” Ever since the COVID-19 crisis started, Jennifer Garner has been often seen going out for walks with her three kids.