Undeterred by the opposition and committed to spending their lives together, Mary-Kate Olsen and the French financier got married in Nov. 2015. Mary-Kate and her twin sister Ashley Olsen have a reputation for keeping their private lives away from the public eye so it was assumed that The Row chief executive's marriage was going smoothly.

The pair has been spotted multiple times together at Knicks basketball games and various other events but much to their chagrin, this relationship wasn't meant to last. Olsen filed for an emergency divorce petition from Olivier Sarkozy in May this year, while coronavirus continued tightening its grip on people across the globe.

Showbiz CheatSheet's latest report has revealed the reason behind Olsen's shocking move. The noteworthy age gap between them didn't Olsen and Sarkozy from been a good match for each other. The business-oriented couple seemed to be in sync even eight years after been together.

Three years ago, Olsen shared details about her relationship with Sarkozy in an interview with Porter magazine. The popular fashion designer said that work hard came naturally to her and Sarkozy, adding that they didn't need to spend a lot of time thinking and pondering.

Divulging details about the side of her life, Olsen said she has a husband, two step-kids, and a life, adding that she goes homes and cooks dinner and rides horses on the weekends. Sharing a tip on how to stay productive, Olsen said in the interview that it is imperative for people to find things that help them relax and those who don't have the need to look for them.

It was understandably surprised when the Full House alum filed for an emergency divorce petition. On Apr. 17, Olsen asked for a divorce petition for the first time; however, New York State is not entertaining divorce petitions amid a coronavirus-induced statewide lockdown.

This prompted the Elizabeth and James designer to file for an emergency petition. According to Olsen’s lawyers, Sarkozy had concluded the lease on their NYC based apartment, which he had initially shared with Olsen with first informing their client, who will be forced out by Monday.

In an attempt to defend her property and realizing that the amount of time given to her wasn't enough to get all her belongings and move to another apartment, Olsen tried to get an extension until May 30. Regrettably, her request was denied, leaving the former actress no choice but to move her belongings to avoid them being thrown away.