In a bid to work on himself, Rob Kardashian departed from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but much to the chagrin of the popular television personality who managed to get his mental health under control, Rob ended up in a toxic relationship. As a result of their union, the couple received a beautiful daughter Dream, but Rob and Chyna never seemed to be good together.

Their chaotic relationship led to physical violence as Showbiz CheatSheet reported. The Kardashian clan and the popular model are still involved in a slew of lawsuits. It is particularly hard for Rob's fans to see him struggle with his romantic life because he has worked hard to improve his overall mental health.

His concerned fanbase believes Rob shouldn't have broken up with the girl he was dating when KUWTK first aired. That was before he broke down and underwent a radical transformation. In a recent thread on the KUWTK Reddit page, fans deemed Rob and Adrienne Bailon as the show's best couple. They decided to split in 2009 after dating for two years.

During the show, Rob attributed their break up to his infidelity. Bailon also confirmed that Rob cheated on her, and she decided to end the relationship after finding it out. A major portion of their relationship was televised through KUWTK and fans simply loved seeing them together.

Some fans go as far as claiming that Rob would have never got into so much trouble if he and Bailon were still together. In short, fans think Bailon was a good influence on him, and she was a career-oriented, and a stable person. As a former member of girls band 3LW, Adrienne Bailon was no stranger to the spotlight. She garnered huge popularity for portraying Chuchie in Disney's The Cheetah Girls.

Rob even accompanied her to India, where she stayed for three months working on the third installment of the well-received girl power movie. In 2013, she began hosting the talk show dubbed The Real and continues doing it to date. Despite achieving a considerable amount of success, she believes her career was negatively impacted as a result of her dating a Kardashian.

Since she and Rob were filmed in the show together, Bailon feels she was too closely associated with the Kardashian clan. While she admitted she would have dated Rob, Bailon said she would have refrained from filming for the show.