Wendy Williams, allegedly, would never come back to her show's seat again due to her health issues.

She has been publicly showing her struggles in the past months, as she deals with several health issues that led her to take a break from her show. Her expected return was rescheduled numerous times, and fans could not see a positive update anytime soon.

Williams' return might be more impossible now as the talk show host reportedly cut ties with everyone at her program while she continues to rest at home.

Not Going Back?

A source told The Sun that the 57-year-old no longer connects with the executives of her self-titled show. Currently, only her manager does all the talking for her.

"She has disappeared and the only line of contact production has is through her manager. Her manager is an ex-cop, so they like him because he can be a policeman for her. He really has no control over her anyway," the insider continued.

The same source added that Williams already isolated herself from everyone, giving birth to questions if she would still return to the show.

While more details about her health could be freely shared with the public, one of her former staff posted a since-deleted cryptic post on Instagram.

In October 2020, DJ Boof told the public they do not know what is going on. He added that everyone "there" is afraid to speak the truth as they do not want to lose their jobs.

Although Williams pledged to return once she feels okay, another insider revealed to the same news outlet, via Daily Mail, that people in the studio think she is never going to come back.

Another source made a degrading comment about Williams, telling Page Six, "Even if she did come back, she'd be a lame duck because her show isn't renewed beyond this season."

As of the writing, Williams has not updated her fans about her potential comeback. But HollywoodLife reported last month that she plans to make a big comeback soon as she has been in the industry almost her entire life.

His son, Kevin Hunter Jr., also shared a glimpse of his mother doing okay at home earlier this month.