It's been a few months that Wendy Williams left her program due to a series of health woes. Now The 57-year-old star is planning on a "big comeback," according to an insider close to production of "The Wendy Williams Show."

Hollywood Life reported that the eponymous actress is preparing to make a huge comeback after being absent from her hit show "The Wendy Williams Show" for a few months. 

Though there have been numerous reports about her comeback - or potentially not returning - a source told the magazine that she will be recovering her throne on her program. 

"Anyone who believes Wendy is finished with television and show business, in general, is profoundly incorrect." 

"Wendy has been in this profession practically her whole life, and she's prepared to make a major comeback," they continued. 

Wendy hasn't been on her program in months due to a variety of health issues, but a source claims she's "getting better every day" and plans to return.

"She even wants to work on some other projects in the coming year," they said, "and Wendy never intended on not returning, so that's not even on her radar." 

Even though Wendy Williams was away for the rest of the year, "The Wendy Williams Show" was still set to return, although without her. 

She is still battling Graves' illness, and her followers are unsure if she will return. 

Many guest hosts have already stepped in to fill her shoes, including Michael Rappaport and Sherri Shepherd. 

Wendy, according to another article in The Sun, is envious of Sherri's numbers on her show. 

Only a few days after undergoing emergency surgery for her appendix, the 54-year-old guest host returned to the show for another hosting stint.

Sherri is converting Wendy's viewers to love her, according to an insider. 

"Sherri is the closest Wendy's fans are going to get, and she's amusing!" they said. 

"Wendy can't take it when someone fill in for her, especially someone like Sherri who is receiving a lot of love from her fans," she says. 

Watching her program from the sidelines has had the daytime diva upset and "very envious." 

"It's consuming her, but there's no avoiding it." 

Sherri, on the other hand, appears to be a breath of fresh air for the show, and it's important for "The Wendy Williams Show" to continue with or without Wendy since the numbers are soaring.