Wendy William’s friends are allegedly starting to get worried about her health and lifestyle.

In its April 12 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Williams has been passing too much gas both in public and in private. And there was even a time when she unknowingly passed gas while talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce on her talk show.

The Wendy Williams Show host made light of the situation by laughing at it. But her friends are urging her to start wearing a diaper to ensure that the same thing won’t happen again.

A source told the tabloid that Williams’ friends also know why Williams can’t control this bad habit, and it’s primarily because of her poor eating habits and questionable lifestyle.

“She’s eating hotdogs loaded with onions and pickles and chili fries and guzzling soda and talking nonstop. So, no wonder she’s windy,” the source said.

The insider added Williams’ friends told her that if she can’t stop eating junk food, she should at least consider wearing a diaper. And they also told the host that no one would have to know that she’s wearing it.

Meanwhile, the tabloid continued to lambast Williams by saying that passing gas on air wasn’t the host’s only odd behavior on the air.

Four years ago, the host fainted on-air during her talk show’s Halloween episode. Shortly after the incident, Williams returned to the program to reveal that she was feeling very hot because of her Halloween costume which is why she passed out.

Last October, Williams also mistakenly called British singer Adela “Ho-dele,” after she seemingly blanked out and slurred on air.

However, the tabloid claimed that these aren’t the only controversial things surrounding Williams. She also previously opened an audition for a man that she could date.

Williams ended up dating Mike Esterman after checking a slew of audition tapes. However, the tabloid’s unnamed source said that it seems the Maryland-based contractor is in no rush to settle down with Williams.

In fact, he previously said that he has no plans to relocate to New York, and Williams won’t also relocate to Maryland to be with him.

To make things worse, the insider is convinced that if Williams is gassy on air, she could be gassier in private. And Esterman must have allegedly witnessed the host’s bad habit.

Luckily, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s no indication that Williams has been passing gas uncontrollably.