Wendy Williams is allegedly going through a lot these days.

In its Oct. 4 issue, Globe claimed that Williams has not been taking good care of herself and no one knows for sure where she is.

Last week, reports claimed that Williams is facing a slew of health issues. Photos of a frail Williams being pushed around in a wheelchair have also made headlines.

A source said that the host of the Wendy Williams Show is facing another emotional and physical crisis.

“She hasn’t been taking care of herself and she knows it. She’s been doing crazy things like starving herself to get things and staying up late scrolling through social media and sending rambling texts to people that make no sense,” the source said.

The insider added that Williams has also been stressing herself over things that she doesn’t have control over and this includes her ex, Kevin Hunter.

In order to deal with her health issues, the talk show host decided to take a break from The Wendy Williams Show. And Globe pointed out that this isn’t the first time that she took a break from the show.

Three years ago, Williams collapsed on television during her show’s Halloween special. The host also suffers from other health problems like thyroid disorder, Graves, disease, lymphedema, and more.

“It’s going to take a lot of self-care to get her back to a healthy place. Wendy is so lonely and craves that special someone to rescue her. But her pushy, bossy ways are a turn-off for guys. On top of her health issues, she’s emotionally fragile and people have been fearing she’s on a one-way trip to the ER,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Page Six recently gave an update on the talk show host. The publication revealed that Williams is on the road to recovery.

A source close to Williams also confirmed that she will soon return to her talk show.

Williams’ brother, Tommy also gave an update about the talk show host via his YouTube account. He said that faith will get his sister through. He also said that he has spoken to Williams, and her condition is stable.

While it is true that Williams is struggling with her health, there’s no proof that she is starving herself. Photos of the host looking as slim as ever may be the result of her thyroid disease.