Jennifer Lopez allegedly helped Ben Affleck focus on his health more.

In its Sept. 25 issue, Closer UK claimed that Lopez encouraged Affleck to take care of himself and eat better because she’s leading by example.

Following their outing at the Venice Film Festival, multiple onlookers praised the couple for how stunning they looked at the event.

“Jen is very aware of what she puts in her body and how she treats herself and Ben has been taking that on board. She doesn’t drink alcohol, which has made it easier for him to quit, and follows a clean, organic diet with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein. He feels better than ever, thanks to Jen,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez has been rumored to be inspiring Affleck to take better care of himself.

Months ago, a tabloid alleged that Lopez has been urging her boyfriend to workout with him. The only problem is that Lopez works out very early in the morning and Affleck isn’t a morning person.

On top of this, the tabloid also accused Lopez of forcing Affleck to eat healthily and give up all the junk food and alcohol that he’s been consuming.

In June, another tabloid claimed that Lopez hates Affleck’s smoking that’s why she gave him an ultimatum to quit or they’ll break up.

A source told National Enquirer that Lopez adores a lot of things about Affleck, but smoking isn’t one of them.

“She’s told him the smoking has to stop very soon, so he’s got a month of weaning himself off before she gets brutal because long-term it’s unacceptable and a dealbreaker especially when his breath stinks and he’s going through two packs a day,” the source said.

So much has been said about Affleck and Lopez’s relationship. Just recently, another tabloid accused the couple of planning a lavish wedding.

But before this could happen, Lopez first forced Affleck to propose to her or she would breakup with him.

A source alleged that Lopez gave Affleck a 30-day ultimatum to propose to her, which means that their engagement should take place before the month ends.

However, it’s unlikely for this to happen because Lopez isn’t forcing Affleck to get engaged to her. The couple just started dating again recently, and they seem to be taking their sweet time.