Prince Harry will allegedly replace James Corden as the host of the Late Late Show, but only for one night.

In its Jan. 17 issue, Star claimed that Prince Harry is the obvious choice to replace Corden temporarily because they are friends and both men are also from the United Kingdom.

“When you think about it, it does make perfect sense simply because they’re good chums and of course, it would be a great way for Prince Harry to sell that book directly to the American public,” a source said.

However, Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle is allegedly torn when it comes to her husband hosting the Late Late Show. After all, the Duchess of Sussex is the one that wants to appear on television as frequently as possible.

“Meghan’s been talking about going back into the entertainment industry. She could easily earn 1,000,000 from making a five-minute guest appearance on a show,” the source said.

Prince Harry’s possible gig is also allegedly causing problems in her marriage because Markle is proving to be a jealous person.

However, there is no proof for these claims and it’s not also true that Prince Harry will host the Late Late Show.

Even though he and Corden are both from the United Kingdom, Prince Harry is not a host and he’s not part of the entertainment industry. There are several other Britons in America and in the entertainment industry that could take over Corden’s job.

In June, Corden also weighed in on the struggles that Prince Harry could be experiencing while residing in the United States. All his life, Prince Harry lived in the United Kingdom. But he was forced to change his path after marrying Markle.

Corden told Howard Stern that he can’t imagine that Prince Harry's new life is easy because he also had to make adjustments when he relocated to the United States with his family.

But what made things harder for Prince Harry was the fact that he’s a member of the royal family. And there are certain expectations and rules that he needs to live by.

By the looks of it, Prince Harry has also adjusted to his new life as a non-royal. He and his wife are busy with their lucrative deals in the United States.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also have two children to take care of.