Meghan Markle is allegedly feeling paranoid and lonely because she doesn’t have a single friend in the United States.

In its September 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Markle couldn’t help but miss the good old days when she was still working as an actress. Back then, she was always surrounded by other celebrities and wasn’t involved in major controversies just yet.

But after Barack Obama refused to invite her to his 60th birthday party, Markle allegedly realized that she has become an outcast.

“Meghan doesn’t really have a best friend in her life right now and that’s a situation that hurts like hell. She claims it’s no big deal and she has all the company she needs with Harry, her mom, and a few trusted members of her support team,” the source said.

But the source said that the reality is that Markle misses her old life especially the times when she could just open to people and not worry about the consequences.

According to the source, Markle also had a falling out with her best friend, Jessica Mulroney. However, she’s trying to not make the rift public because she’s worried that Mulroney could blab some of her past secrets.

The Duchess of Sussex couldn’t also help but feel jealous of Prince Harry because he has a lot of friends in the neighborhood like Orlando Bloom and James Corden. Markle, on the other hand, is forced to act like a fifth wheel.

“The trouble for Meghan is nobody has really replaced Jessica in her life. She has a few dining partners and woke spiritual types to confide in, but even then she’s so careful about what she shares and is nothing like the happy-go-lucky Meghan of old. It’s fair to say that aside from Harry and her mom, Meghan is wary of everyone – even the most senior members of her inner circle,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Markle is not paranoid or lonely. And it’s also not true that she doesn’t have any friends after having a falling out with Mulroney.

The Duchess of Sussex and Mulroney are still good friends. And the latter has nothing but wonderful things to say about the former.

Rumors about Markle not having friends started because she wasn’t invited to Obama’s party, but they are not true.