Meghan Markle’s first Christmas with the royal family was quite memorable but for all the wrong reasons.

Shortly after she got engaged to Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth invited Markle to join them in Sandringham for their celebration.

Prior to her arrival, Prince Harry informed Markle that the royals do not give each other expensive gifts. Instead, they surprise each other with gag presents.

Prince Harry previously gave his grandmother a shower cap with a curse word printed on it, and this certainly left a mark on the queen. So, Markle wanted to do the same.

For her first Christmas with the royal family, Markle gave the queen a singing toy hamster. The queen found the gift funny, but it was her Corgis that benefited from the present because they mauled the hamster within the next couple of days.

“Meghan bought a little hamster that sings with a little rope for Her Majesty. It was so funny, especially when the corgis tried to take hold of the toy She laughed and said ‘they can keep my dogs company!’” a source told Daily Star.

Years later, Prince Harry and Markle welcomed their first child, Archie. And on his first Christmas, the queen reportedly surprised him with a waffle maker.

Archie didn’t celebrate his first Christmas with the royal family, but his great-grandmother had her special present shipped all the way to the United States.

My grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas, and Meg said a waffle maker. She sent us a waffle maker for Archie. So, breakfast now, Meg makes up a beautiful organic mix. Archie wakes up in the morning and literally just goes, ‘waffle?’” Prince Harry told James Corden.

This year, it’s unclear what the queen will give to Archie, Lilibet, Prince Harry, and Markle. But it’s highly likely for her to send the Sussexes something.

According to Heat UK, Prince Harry and Markle will also send Christmas presents to the queen, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie. However, the Duchess of Sussex has no plans to give presents to Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children.

A source claimed that Markle doesn’t have a problem with Prince Harry giving all his family members gifts. But she wants to make it clear that the presents are just from her husband and not from her and her kids.