Kate Middleton will reportedly face countless dramas this year especially after her 40th birthday. But the good news is, she will thrive just like she always does.

Royal commentator Katie Nicholl recently penned a column for Closer UK about the Duchess of Cambridge. She said that Middleton’s 40th year will be her biggest yet.

“We’ve seen her blossom over the years, growing in confidence and evolving into a key member of the royals. Just last month, she proved how far she’d come when she hosted the royals’ Christmas carol concert on her own. Standing there as a woman totally sure of herself who takes her role seriously,” she wrote.

Nicholl also likened Middleton to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. The royal expert said that the Middleton doesn’t want to be compared to the Princess of Wales because the latter is so popular and loved.

But what she doesn’t realize is that she’s also like the people’s princess but in her own way.

In 2022, Prince William’s wife will continue to have more responsibilities and Queen Elizabeth will rely on her even more. And as always, the future queen consort would rise to the occasion.

“I think this year she’ll come into her own even more, especially as it’ll be a tough year for the royals. Harry and Meghan’s interviews this year have caused chaos for the royals and Harry’s new memoir will likely reveal even more intimate details about the royal family and cause further issues,” she said.

Amid all the issues also involving Prince Andrew, Middleton will reportedly step up and show the queen that she can rely on her for anything.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Middleton’s marriage will remain strong this year. Even though their union hasn’t been perfect just like other normal marriages, the royal couple will continue to support each other.

Middleton will also continue to avoid drama and controversy involving Prince Harry and Markle. So, it’s unlikely for her to sit down for a tell-all and air her version of events.

Last year, Markle accused Middleton of making her cry. The Duchess of Sussex also claimed that Middleton apologized to her following the incident.

However, not everyone is buying Markle’s claims. And more people are siding with Middleton over the incident. Unfortunately, the truth won’t come out this year.