The year 2021 is coming to a close so it’s not surprising that the predictions for 2022 have already started.

In its Jan. 3 issue, New Idea made some predictions regarding certain members of the royal family including Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Sarah Ferguson.

The queen will continue to suffer health issues in 2022. But the monarch and the royal family will try to focus on her upcoming Platinum Jubilee because she’s the first person to ever reach this milestone.

According to an astrologist, the queen could also make a decision regarding her role as monarch when she turns 97. During this time, she can either bow out of her royal role and abdicate or carry on with her duties to The Crown.

Prince William and Middleton will be the focus of the royal family in 2022.

“Modern, approachable, engaging – enticing a new breed of supporters with the hidden agenda to gain strength for the monarchy, rather than the undertones of political and public displeasure of a ruling monarch. This places enormous pressure on Kate and Wills,” the astrologist said.

Prince William’s health will also, reportedly, suffer in 2022. As early as now, the future king has started to look exhausted.

As for Prince Harry and Markle, the couple will continue to snub the royal family. There’s no indication that the couple will return to the United Kingdom for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the monarch won’t invite them to attend either.

But the astrologist also said that within the next two years, Prince Harry and Markle will start drifting apart and they could also end up divorcing each other.

Fergie, on the other hand, will be forced to testify against Prince Andrew. But despite the latter’s fall from grace, there are predictions that the Duke and Duchess of York will remarry in 2022.

“I see legal contracts drawn up protecting her private interests and that of the Crown,” the astrologist said.

However, these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt since they have not happened. They can only serve as a guide for the members of the royal family, but they shouldn’t be ruled by these predictions.

After all, not all predictions come true. For instance, there were constant claims that Middleton would get pregnant with her fourth child but this hasn’t happened until today.