Angelina Jolie has allegedly been consulting with psychics to help her make important life decisions.

In its Dec. 27 issue, New Idea claimed that Jolie enjoys online consultations because she doesn’t need to reveal her identity.

“She’s able to remain anonymous so she gets more of a genuine experience, but if she finds someone she likes or who figures out who she is, she’ll have them sign an NDA before continuing to work with them,” the source said

The insider also claimed that the psychics that Jolie is consulting with have been helping her make important decisions when it comes to scripts, her legal woes with Brad Pitt, as well as her family decisions.

According to the tabloid, Jolie is still upset with Pitt’s former psychic, Ron Bard for unveiling all their family’s secrets. So, this time around the actress has made it a point to find psychics that she can trust.

In 2016, shortly after Pitt and Jolie announced their divorce, reports revealed that Bard warned the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor about Jolie leaving him. The warning allegedly came in 2014, and their divorce was announced two years later.

A source claimed that Pitt decided to keep Bard’s predictions a secret, but it killed him inside to know that Jolie could potentially leave him one day. After all, the psychic has not given him an incorrect prediction.

In 2005, Bard was all the one that told Pitt that he would meet somebody that would change his entire life forever. At the time, the actor was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

A year later, Pitt and Jolie were cast in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and they fell in love, according to the Independent.

However, there is no indication that Jolie has been in contact with psychics that help her make decisions about important matters affecting her life.

Even if the Maleficent star is consulting with psychics, it’s unlikely for her to be relying on them when it comes to important matters. After all, the actress is an adult and she can make her own decisions.

It’s unclear where the rumors about Jolie consulting with psychics are coming from. And there’s also no proof that Pitt’s former psychics exposed the actress and her ex-husband’s secrets.

After all, these are private consultations that cannot be disclosed to the world.