Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton allegedly had a falling out and it almost ruined their family’s Christmas plans.

In its Jan. 10 issue, Life & Style claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge became upset with her younger sister after learning that they only attended the royal family’s Christmas carol service because Prince William asked them to.

“It irritates Kate that Pippa continues to enjoy the perks of being related to the royals – like invites to swanky events and brand endorsements – without any of the responsibilities. Kate does all the hard work while Pippa lives in a perfect, carefree world. Kate can’t help feeling a little envious,” the source said.

The insider said that the sisters were already having a tough time around each other as early as September. After their brother James’ wedding, Middleton felt tired so she just wanted to get some rest. However, her royal duties prevented her from doing so.

“She was exhausted and snapped at her sister, but seeing Pippa so happy and relaxed triggered something. Pippa doesn’t mince words and basically told Kate to get over herself. Afterward, they ghosted each other for weeks,” the source said.

At one point, Prince William got in between the sisters and urged them to reconcile. And he thought that the Christmas carol service is the perfect reunion for the sisters.

Since then, Middleton and Pippa’s relationship has allegedly improved. Even though they still don’t consider each other the best of friends, at least the tensions between them have decreased.

However, there’s no indication that the Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa had a falling out recently. While it is possible because they are just any other siblings, the tabloid was still unable to provide concrete proof to support their claims.

During a previous interview, Pippa said that her family doesn’t feel anything changed since Middleton married the future king of Britain. At home, the Duchess of Cambridge is still the same Catherine that she grew up with.

Sources also confirmed that Middleton and Pippa are very close. In fact, they are very protective of each other. So, it’s unlikely for the future queen consort to lash out at her sister just because she’s tired.

It’s not also Pippa’s fault that she didn’t marry into the royal family. And if anything, Prince William’s wife sees it as a blessing to have married Middleton.