Tom Cruise allegedly wants to help Alec Baldwin amid the recent controversy that he was involved in on the set of Rust.

In its Jan. 3 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise knows a thing or two about movie set crises, and the actor also handles guns and armors in his films.

So, Cruise has allegedly been giving Baldwin tips on how to better handle guns on set. And the former is helping the latter figure out a way how to get out of the mess that he’s in.

A source said that Cruise is also trying to pay Baldwin for the support that the latter gave him amid all the criticisms that he received when he joined Scientology. So, it’s basically a win-win for both the A-listers.

“Alec is special among Tom’s film collaborators in that he actually put himself out there and very articulately defended Tom’s involvement in Scientology. That’s a really big deal because people know Alec is speaking from the heart on the issue. He just finds it un-American to criticize anybody for their chosen faith, period,” the source said.

The insider added that Cruise and Baldwin are good friends. So, it’s not surprising for them to be looking out for each other.

“Scientology’s door is always open to Alec and no one would be surprised if he gives it a try. Alec is not an enemy of the church and its followers and he and Tom will be lifelong friends because of it,” the source said.

But while it may be true that Baldwin and Cruise are good friends and that they have been relying on each other, there’s no indication that the former wants to join Scientology.

It’s not also true that Cruise is trying to help Baldwin get out of the mess that he’s in because the Mission: Impossible actor has not publicly addressed the scandal and accident that Baldwin is a part of.

As of late, investigations following the deadly shooting are still underway. And the latest update revealed that the court wants to get a copy of Baldwin’s phone records.

Even though the actor has not been officially charged following the accident, he’s still part of the investigation. After all, he was the one that accidentally shot and killed the Rust assistant director, Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin also injured Rust director, Joel Souza.