Charlie Sheen has allegedly become too strapped for cash to the point that he’s just relying on digital coupons to survive.

In its Jan. 3 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Sheen doesn’t have any source of income as of late so he doesn’t also know where he would get money to pay for his bills and basic needs.

Luckily, Sheen found out about how great digital coupons are, and these are what’s been helping him survive.

“Charlie has to live like a miser to get by. He literally saves the loose change and uses digital coupons to save a few bucks on groceries and household items. And he does his own cleaning because he doesn’t want to pay a housekeeper. He used to tip servers 100 percent, but he’s had to cut back on that, too. It’s a dramatic fall from someone who once earned $1.8 million per TV episode,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Sheen has been living on a trailer with his two daughters because he could no longer afford to stay in a mansion. This is a very different life from what the actor is used to, but he has not been getting any job offers in recent months.

“Charlie’s sober now but his partying lifestyle cost him his job and drained his bank accounts. His life is far from glamorous these days, but he has only himself to blame. He’s lucky to make ends meet each month,” the source said.

While it is true that Sheen has not received any job offers or acting gigs in recent months, there’s no proof that he’s struggling financially. There’s also no indication that the actor has been living on a trailer with his two daughters.

In June, Sheen’s dad, Martin gave an update about the actor’s life and recovery.

While speaking with People, Martin said that he’s proud of his son for turning his life around.

Martin also confirmed that Sheen is healthy and busy writing an upcoming book. This proves that the actor still has a source of income so he’s not struggling financially.

It’s also possible for Sheen to get job offers in the coming months because he’s fully recovered from his addiction and illnesses. So, this will give the actor more opportunities to earn a generous sum.

Once again, this proves that he’s not struggling or he won’t struggle financially no matter what.