Ben Affleck couldn’t allegedly be happier to spend some time away from his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

In its Dec. 11 issue, Heat UK claimed that Affleck and Lopez briefly reunited to celebrate Thanksgiving last month. After the festivities, they both returned to the set of their upcoming movies.

A source claimed that Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband couldn’t be more thrilled to have some time away from Lopez because he doesn’t need to wake up too early to work out, among many other things.

Affleck is also allegedly happy to be away from someone who’s so concerned about her public image to the point that all she does is check her photos and reviews on social media.

But while Affleck is enjoying the distance he has with Lopez, the latter couldn’t help but feel upset.

“They’ve managed to see each other every ten days or so, but for Jen, that’s nowhere near enough. She wants and expects Ben to be by her side as often as he can and doesn’t like the direction that this is headed. It’s unchartered territory for Jen to be in, and the big question is whether she’ll issue Ben with an actual ultimatum or just hope he gets with the program and puts a ring on it,” the source said.

The insider added that Lopez has been asking Affleck for assurances so that she’ll know that he still wants to be with her. The Batman v Superman actor allegedly obliged but his words are still not enough for Lopez. After all, the best assurance for Lopez is for Affleck to finally get down on one knee and propose to her.

“It’s telling that Ben seems to be stalling on the engagement, even though they’d already discussed wedding plans. Basically, he’s giving himself time to ask the question, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ and only time will tell if he thinks it’s the right thing to do,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Lopez is rumored to be forcing Affleck to propose to her. The claims are all similar but no one has been able to provide any concrete proof that this is what Lopez wants.

It’s important to note that Lopez and Affleck just got back together earlier this year so it wouldn’t make sense for them to rush into an engagement.