Alex Rodriguez is allegedly interested in Demi Moore. In its Nov. 29 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Rodriguez wants to date someone from the industry because whoever she is could help him become popular again.

Rodriguez has not been making headlines for months since his split from Jennifer Lopez. And the baseball stars know that the only way for people to be interested in him is if he will date another A-lister.

As such, Rodriguez has allegedly set his sights on Moore. After all, he’s had a crush on the Ghost actress for years.

“He wants someone who could thrust him back in the spotlight, which he can’t do on his own. Alex has been crushing on Demi for years. He thinks she’s still incredibly sexy and has long fantasized about dating her. Now, he’s trying his best to make it happen,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Rodriguez and Moore recently went on a date in New York. And the former was convinced that there was a spark between him and the actress.

“He has a thing for women who are athletic and fit, and Demi is definitely his type. What he doesn’t realize is Demi is content being single. And even if she did want to date again, she’s not interested in a guy who’s all about the show and worse, has been labeled a cheater. He’s also on the rebound from Jennifer,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no concrete proof that Rodriguez is gunning for Moore.

And even if he is, the tabloid’s claims that Moore is not interested in Rodriguez, in the same way, sounds absurd. After all, if this is truly the case, there’s no reason for Moore to drag Rodriguez along. She would’ve already told him that she’s not interested.

It’s obvious that the tabloid is linking the athlete to just about anyone because he’s still single. His ex, on the other hand, has already moved on with Ben Affleck.

Sources recently revealed that Lopez and Affleck are more in love now than ever. And even though they are not able to hang out as much as they used to, the couple is still trying their best to make their relationship work.

In fact, there are also rumors claiming that Lopez and Affleck will head down the aisle soon.