Meghan Markle just found another reason to be upset with Prince William.

In its Oct. 25 issue, New Idea claimed that Markle is not thrilled to know that Prince William had plans to give Princess Charlotte Princess Diana’s famous Spencer tiara.

A source claimed that Prince Harry’s wife felt that she deserves to keep the Spencer tiara because she’s much older than Princess Charlotte.

Markle also thinks that Prince William should give way to her and her daughter, Lilibet Diana because Prince Harry gave him their mother’s sapphire engagement ring.

Prince Harry inherited the ring from his late mother. But he decided to give it to Prince William because he got married to Kate Middleton first.

Now, Markle is expecting Prince William to return the favor by giving the Spencer tiara to either her or her daughter.

However, this claim made by the tabloid doesn’t make much sense. After all, the Spencer tiara doesn’t belong to Prince William. And it’s not even with him.

Princess Diana’s stunning tiara is with her younger brother, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer.

As of late, there’s also no proof that Markle is trying to get her hands on the Spencer tiara because there’s no reason for her to.

After all, Markle is not a princess and she’s not a senior working royal either. So, she’s not technically allowed to wear a tiara anymore.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Markle are still being pitted against each other in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry got into a heated confrontation over Markle.

After all, the Duke of Cambridge still thinks that he cannot trust the Duchess of Sussex.

Prince William is also worried about Markle potentially leaving Prince Harry when the latter is devoid of all royal connections.

Multiple sources previously claimed that Prince William has doubts with regards to Markle’s real intentions for joining the royal family.

And if Markle just joined the British clan for all the perks and benefits that she could get, then this means she could leave Prince Harry anytime.

However, Markle has already proven time and again this isn’t the most important thing for her.

After all, she decided to quit The Firm and let go of all the benefits and perks because not having these things gave her more freedom to do whatever she wants.