Meghan Markle and Prince William have allegedly been butting heads again.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle and Prince William recently got into an argument over their future patronages.

Since Markle was once an actress, she allegedly expressed her desire to become the new patron of BAFTA. However, Prince William is currently the president of the organization, and he refused.

“William didn’t take too kindly the sheer arrogance of a newcomer trying to take a plum role from the future king. His response was a blunt ‘absolutely not,’ which Meghan interpreted as him being an unbending bully who wasn’t prepared to let her, as a woman, have a say,” the source said.

Prince William allegedly became more enraged after Prince Harry stood up for his wife and make him look like the bad guy.

Additionally, Prince William and Markle allegedly got into another argument regarding Lilibet Diana’s christening.

Throughout the weeks, multiple tabloids have been saying that Prince Harry and Markle are trying to convince Queen Elizabeth to allow the christening to take place at Windsor Castle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are allegedly adamant with their request because this is where their son, Archie was christened.

Unfortunately, the queen is struggling to decide because a part of her wants to honor Prince Harry’s request. However, she also knows that there are consequences to his actions.

According to the source, Prince William just made things much easier for the monarch. So, he put his foot down and told Prince Harry and Markle that their daughter cannot be christened at Windsor Castle.

However, this once again upset the Sussexes. After all, they allegedly feel that Prince William shouldn’t be the one deciding on such an important matter.

“William and Meghan just couldn’t see eye to eye. She refused to respect his place in the hierarchy of things. But if William refused to host Lili’s christening on the royal property, she’s certainly learning her place in the pecking order now,” the source said.

However, this is just the tabloid’s attempt at pitting Prince William against the Sussexes even though there’s no concrete proof.

As of late, Prince Harry and Markle have not said anything about Lilibet’s christening. But the Sussexes are currently residing in Los Angeles, so it’s more likely for Lilibet to be christened there.

It’s not also true that Prince William and Markle continue to butt heads right now.