Prince Harry allegedly declared that he will never set foot in the United Kingdom again following a confrontation between him and his older brother, Prince William.

In its Oct. 25 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry recently had a conversation about the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. And the Duke of Sussex initially wanted to go to the UK to be part of the important event.

But Prince William couldn’t help but tell his younger brother that he had concerns about Prince Harry potentially recording the event secretly and using it for his upcoming Netflix production.

When Prince Harry heard this, the source claimed that he became enraged. And he angrily told the Duke of Cambridge that not only will he not attend the unveiling of the statue; he will never return to the UK ever again.

“He pulled the pin and essentially declared he was never coming back to the UK. William, meanwhile, feels he was totally justified in asking point blank because he will not risk yet more reputational damage to his family,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince William has always known that Prince Harry has a temper. But he felt his reaction was unreasonable.

And the Duke of Cambridge also allegedly knows that if Prince Harry won’t extend an olive branch to the rest of the royal family, he will never be able to go back.

Prince William has also told his closest friends that he harbors fears for Prince Harry especially if the latter decides to completely shut the door on his British family.

William has never been convinced by Meghan and her motives for marrying into the family. And he does quietly worry their marriage won’t survive once Harry’s royal connections dry up. Meghan’s made a business out of trading off the Mountbatten-Windsors, and she’s already frustrated that the family is stonewalling things like allowing her to christen her daughter at Windsor Castle,” the source said.

It's obvious that the tabloid is just putting all the rumored issues between the Sussexes and the royal family together in one article. When in fact, Markle has nothing to do with Prince William and Prince Harry’s alleged feud.

Prince Harry and Markle’s daughter’s christening doesn’t also have anything to do with the brothers’ feud so it’s unclear why the tabloid felt the need to mention it.