Princess Charlotte just received her first real tiara from Queen Elizabeth, according to a tabloid.

In its Oct. 25 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Princess Charlotte has always wanted to have her own real tiara. But her mom, Kate Middleton, believes she’s still too young to have one.

However, the queen, who is already 95 years old, decided that she wanted to give Princess Charlotte her first tiara while she still can.

“The queen plans to hand down the exquisite Cambridge emerald tiara and matching necklace, which was a favorite of her own grandmother’s [Queen Mary of Teck] to Charlotte. Given she’s the princess of Cambridge, it seems only fitting given these jewels, which were fitted to the original Vladimir Tiara, can be traced back to the ownership of dukedoms of Cambridge's past,” the source said.

According to the source, the monarch has earmarked the specific tiara to give to Princess Charlotte when she’s older. By the time that she’s 18, she will start accompanying her parents to state dinners, and she will finally be photographed with the stunning tiara on her head.

However, it’s obvious that the tabloid’s claims are misleading. The headline published by the tabloid claimed the queen gifted Princess Charlotte with a tiara.

This suggests that the gifting already happened and Princess Charlotte already has her first tiara at such a young age.

However, the contents of the article claimed that the queen has only decided on what tiara to give to Princess Charlotte. But the latter won’t get to wear it or maybe even see it until she’s 18 years old.

Weeks ago, Life & Style published a similar story about Princess Charlotte saying that the youngster has such an expensive taste.

In fact, she has been expressing her desire to have her own tiara. But Middleton doesn’t think it’s time for her to own one.

So, the Duchess of Cambridge allegedly gifted Princess Charlotte with a Disney princess tiara instead. And she has allegedly been wearing it around the house even though she knows that it’s nothing compared to the real deal.

In related news, Prince Charles has also extended a touching gesture for his eldest grandson, Prince George.

The heir to the throne recently revealed that he named a garden in Balmoral after the 8-year-old because he planted it after the young royal was born.