Kate Middleton could allegedly become the next monarch even though Queen Elizabeth is still alive.

Even though it’s obvious that this will never happen, there’s still so much talk surrounding Middleton’s future role.

For instance, some tabloids have been saying that she will be crowned as the queen consort. And others are insisting that she will be called the next queen because of her contributions to the British monarchy.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Us Weekly seemingly suggested that Middleton will become the future monarch. And it’s not long before she would take over the important role of Her Majesty.

However, these two claims are both incorrect. First, the Duchess of Cambridge can never be a monarch because she doesn’t have royal blood. Instead, she will become a queen consort because she’s married to the future king of Britain, Prince William.

It’s not also true that Middleton will be given a higher and more important role in the British monarchy anytime soon. After all, the queen is still alive.

And even after the current monarch passes away, it’s Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla that would take over first.

Prince William and Middleton can never bypass the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall from the throne because the Order of Succession states that the queen’s eldest child will become her successor.

However, Us Weekly’s source still insisted that Prince William and Middleton are not the only ones preparing for their future roles. They have also been preparing their three children for their future roles and lives as senior working royals.

“They don’t want to drown them with information, so they’re taking a more subtle approach. Of course, Kate is slightly nervous about sitting on the throne, who wouldn’t be? But she believes in herself and she’s always up for a challenge,” the source said.

While it may be true that Middleton is up for the challenge, it’s not true that she and Prince William are already preparing their kids for their future roles.

It’s important to note that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are still very young to comprehend what all these things mean.

During a previous interview, Prince William said that he and his wife are waiting on the day when they can finally talk to Prince George. But even the royal couple acknowledged that they don’t want to tell him that he will be the future king because she’s still too young to absorb this information.