Meghan Markle allegedly has some outrageous demands, and she’s taking no for an answer.

In its Oct. 18 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the royal family has been asking Markle and Prince Harry to return to the United Kingdom so that they could meet Lilibet Diana and see Archie.

A source claimed that Markle saw this as an opportunity to reveal her outrageous demands to the royal family.

Since the Duchess of Sussex knows that the royals are desperate to meet Lili, Markle wanted them to know that she won’t bring her to the UK unless all her demands will be met.

Markle is allegedly insisting on having several security personnel with her family at all times. And she also wants to be the one to decide on where her family would stay while they are in the UK.

The Suits alum doesn’t also want to have a very busy schedule. And if she needs to make public appearances, she will be the one to tell the royals which events she wants to be a part of.

Additionally, Markle also wants Prince Harry to always be by her side. This way, she can be assured that he won’t have secret meetings with the royal family without her presence.

The source added that Prince Harry supports Markle 100 percent. And he also thinks that the royals should agree to all his wife’s demands before they can travel to the UK with their children.

This isn’t the first time that Markle was accused of having outrageous demands ahead of her UK trip.

Last month, Heat UK published a similar report about Markle.

However, the tabloid claimed that Markle also wanted to meet with Queen Elizabeth before she heads back to the United Kingdom.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t have a wonderful and peaceful time while she was in the UK that’s why she is not keen on returning. However, she also understands why the royals want to see her children.

Prince Harry and Markle left the UK almost two years ago. So, the royal family has not seen Archie since then.

Lilibet Diana, on the other hand, was born in the United States in June. And she has not met anyone from the royal family.

However, there is no truth to the tabloid’s claims. Markle and Prince Harry are not planning their return to the UK anytime soon.

And even if they are, Markle can’t have such outrageous demands because the royal family won’t do anything for her.