Kate Middleton allegedly knows that royal fans want to see her looking regal that’s why she decided to wear a gold gown to the James Bond movie premiere.

In its Oct. 11 issue, New Idea claimed that Middleton also wants to look regal because she knows how much royal fans adore her. And the Duchess of Cambridge is also aware that she should dress just like the future queen consort of the United Kingdom.

When Prince William ascends the throne, Middleton will also be given the title of queen consort. As such, she’s already practicing how to look regal as early as now.

A source also said that the royal fans aren’t the only ones thrilled to see how beautiful Middleton was when she attended the movie premiere with Prince William, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles.

After all, her father-in-law was also thrilled to see how beautiful she looked that night.

“Prince Charles has big plans for her. He knows the future of the monarchy rests on her shoulders. She is really stepping up. Kate’s aware people want her to appear regal and queen-like at events such as this and are more than happy to play the part,” the source said.

Following the outing, Prince William and Middleton released a statement expressing their delight now that the newest James Bond movie has reached the theaters.

After all, movie theaters in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe were closed for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Middleton also made headlines this week amid claims that Meghan Markle gave her sister-in-law a thank you bracelet amid reports that the latter made her cry.

In Andrew Morton’s book, he said that Markle gave Middleton and six of her closest friends a thank you bracelet after her wedding to Prince Harry. The jewelry was designed by California-based jeweler Lisette Polny.

“It was an elegant peace offering, both women professional enough to know that there was no gain in showing dissent or disdain,” Morton wrote.

This seemed like a surprise before initial rumors claims that Markle made Middleton try during the bridesmaid dress fitting. However, Markle told Oprah Winfrey in March that it was the other way around.

Middleton was reportedly the one that made Markle cry. But the Duchess of Sussex also said that Middleton already apologized for the incident, and she also sent her flowers.