Queen Elizabeth is reportedly honoring Prince Philip in different ways.

In its Oct. 4 issue, New Idea claimed that the late royal calls Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex a princess in private. And the Duke of Edinburgh also asked the queen to give Sophie a royal title.

And since Sophie has been a loyal companion to the queen, the latter decided that it’s about time she gives her special recognition.

Sophie has not been given the title of princess for the simple reason that she’s not one. She’s also not royal blood, but because a countess because of her marriage to Prince Edward.

However, a source for the tabloid is claiming that the queen has decided to grant Sophie a special favor by giving her a princess title.

The queen has come to consider Sophie a daughter in recent years. Sophie has been there for her every waking minute since Philip died, and she’s become a real source of comfort and calm to Her Majesty. With Charles dragging his feet on whether he will give the Edinburgh dukedom to Edward now it’s reverted to the crown, the queen is prepared to use her own powers to allow Sophie to become a bona fide princess,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the queen has been trusting Sophie more and more these days. And this is why she decided to entrust the Chelsea Flower Show to her.

Her Majesty is able to extend her summer break because Sophie is there to help her out and attend some of her important royal engagements.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Phil Dampier called Sophie the royal family’s secret weapon because she’s been playing a vital role in making sure that everything will turn out fine within The Firm.

Even though Sophie is not as popular as Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles, she has been proving herself worthy of what the two other royal wives are getting.

However, even though Sophie is a true ally for the queen, there is no confirmation that she will be given the title of a princess.

Sophie has been living a very low-key life while still supporting her mother-in-law. And she doesn’t need the title of a princess to do so.

In fact, getting a royal title might sway her focus on what truly matters as a senior working member of the family.