Kate Middleton allegedly made sure to wear a regal outfit when she attended the James Bond movie premiere weeks ago to send Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a cryptic message.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Middleton wanted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to know that they cannot break her.

Regardless of what Prince Harry and Markle say about Middleton and her husband, Prince William, they will continue to perform their royal duties and charm the entire world. 

“Kate’s so much more confident than she used to be. The whole mess with Megxit was a turning point for her. It was a pathway for her to take charge. She really stepped up to the plate,” the source said 

The insider added that Middleton’s stunning transformation didn’t happen overnight. After all, she also had some insecurities when she and Prince William started dating.

The Duchess of Cambridge also suffered from anxiety and stress during the first few times that she made her public appearances as a royal. However, she decided to take her time until she finally adjusted to the demands of being a member of the British clan.

And after years of trying to do right by the royal family and royal fans, Middleton became fearful that Markle would turn everyone against her. After all, there were countless reports claiming that they were feuding. And the final blow happened with royal experts accused the future queen consort of making Markle cry.

“Instead of buckling under the pressure, she kept her cool. Kate set the tone for the rest of the royal family. She was pivotal in steadying the ship and during that turbulent time. Whenever William is feeling emotional and upset over a situation, Kate’s the one who can keep him calm, and he certainly needed her at the height of all the difficulties with Harry and Meghan,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s allegations are being done to pit Middleton and Markle against each other once again. But this doesn’t mean that they are accurate.

There is no proof that Middleton felt stressed and anxious because of Prince Harry and Markle’s interviews because she never commented on it.

During the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, Markle also clarified that it was Middleton that made her cry and not the other way around. But the Duchess of Sussex also stressed that her sister-in-law already apologized to her.