Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have tried their best to keep their personal lives as private as possible. 

But in its Oct. 18 issue, Us Weekly claimed to know all the details regarding the couple's parenting style. 

Two weeks ago, Prince Harry and Markle went to New York for a four-day tour. While there, some fans saw the couple and asked how Lilibet Diana is doing since the couple has not shared information about their daughter. 

Markle replied by saying that her daughter is beautiful, but she didn't say anything else. 

With this, the tabloid's source claimed to know all the details with regards to what's happening to the Sussexes at home. 

"The transition has been a struggle. They feel more like a family now. Even though it's twice the work, Meghan and Harry are using a lot of the techniques they learned with Archie when it comes to bathing. And they're total pros at diaper changing now, especially Harry," the source said. 

The insider added that Prince Harry and Markle are both very hands-on. When one is busy taking care of the other, the other parent usually spends time with their other children. 

So, when Markle is busy tending to Lili's needs, Prince Harry and Archie hang out in their garden. The father and son allegedly enjoy playing fetch with the dogs. And they also kick a football and go on long walks. 

Prince Harry also shares a special bond with his daughter. He enjoys reading bedtime stories to Lili, and he's also the one that puts the 4-month-old to sleep. 

The Duke of Sussex also fusses over Lili and he always makes her laugh. 

"Harry and Meghan have always said that Lili will be their last baby, and that's still likely to be the case. Life has had a funny way of surprising them, but it's not something they're planning. They're more than happy with what they have. They couldn't ask for more," the source said. 

However, none of this information about Prince Harry and Markle is accurate. After all, they have never shared these kinds of details about their family life. 

And upon closer inspection, everything that the tabloid mentioned seems like generic activities that parents do with their children. So, these kinds of activities can easily be fabricated. 

While it is true that Prince Harry previously said that he and his wife only want to have two children, no one knows for sure if Lilibet will be their last child.