Prince Harry allegedly had a meltdown after he saw Kristen Stewart portray his late mother, Princess Diana.

In its Oct. 25 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry is sick and tired of all the movies about the Princess of Wales.

“Harry is sick to death of all the movie takes on his mother’s life. As he and Meghan plan for their future as filmmakers, he told Meghan to never let Kristen near one of their projects,” the source said.

Stewart has been tapped to play the role of Princess Diana in the Spencer movie. A trailer for the project has already been released.

Critics have also praised Stewart for her portrayal of the Princess of Wales. And the Twilight alum was also praised for her ability to imitate Princess Diana’s British accent.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that Prince Harry is so upset that he decided to skip the private party that Prince William hosted this week.

The Duke of Cambridge held the gathering at Kensington Palace as his way of giving thanks to those that contributed to the making of Princess Diana’s statue.

However, the insider said that Prince Harry didn’t attend the private dinner because he and his wife were not invited.

“With everything that’s happened, there’s a genuine worry that Meghan and Harry will use anything and everything in future productions of tell-alls. Either way, if Harry been uninvited or made to feel unwelcome at a party honoring his own mother, he’ll be hell-bent on revenge, which will likely come in the form of his memoir,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no proof that Prince Harry is upset with Stewart and her involvement in the movie. And it’s also not true that Prince Harry will release a memoir that will expose the dirt on the royal family because he wasn’t invited to the dinner.

It’s unclear if Prince William really barred Prince Harry from attending the dinner. But even if he didn’t, it must have been Prince Harry’s decision to not attend.

After all, he and his wife just got back home from a four-day trip to New York. So, it might not be practical to travel all the way to the United Kingdom just to have dinner with Prince William.

Markle has not also set foot in the United Kingdom since she left the country last year. And it seems she won’t return anytime soon.