Queen Elizabeth allegedly decided to meet Princess Beatrice’s daughter first before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second-born child.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the queen has finally met Sienna Elizabeth, her youngest great-grandchild, who was obviously named after her.

The meeting allegedly took place at Windsor Castle after Her Majesty returned home after spending several weeks at Balmoral Castle.

A source claimed that the meeting between the queen and her great-granddaughter was such a bittersweet moment for Princess Beatrice.

After all, she allegedly wanted to name her daughter Lilibet or Lily, but she was shocked to learn that Prince Harry and Markle decided to give the name to their daughter.

The source also claimed that the only consolation that Princess Beatrice got was when the queen decided to meet her daughter first before Prince Harry and Markle’s child.

However, this isn’t a sensible claim because it’s much easier for the monarch to see Sienna Elizabeth because she’s in the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry and Markle, on the other hand, are residing in the United States. So, the only way for the queen to meet Lilibet Diana is if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will travel to the United Kingdom with their entire family.

It’s unlikely for the queen to travel overseas just to see the four-month-old. She has not traveled via plane for years, and she’s also being banned from doing so.

After all, traveling by plane puts the queen in more danger because accidents can happen while she’s not at home.

Meanwhile, Markle and Princess Beatrice were rumored to be at odds with each other weeks ago.

A tabloid previously claimed that Princess Beatrice dislikes Markle because she knows that the latter is just using her younger sister, Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice is also allegedly upset with Prince Harry and Markle for upstaging Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding and pregnancy announcement.

Two years ago, Prince Harry and Markle announced that they are expecting their first child while at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

They also announced that they are pregnant with baby number two around the time that Princess Beatrice gave birth.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie ever became upset with the Sussexes. To this day, the royal siblings still have a close relationship with their cousin, Prince Harry.