Prince Andrew has allegedly been strategizing his next move amid Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s allegations of sexual abuse.

In its Oct. 4 issue, Star claimed that Prince Andrew is begging Sarah Ferguson to marry him again. Since Fergie’s approval rating is very high, Prince Andrew is convinced that remarrying his ex-wife will make him more popular.

“Marrying Fergie would hopefully change some of the negative perception people have of him. Fergie’s popularity is very high, and he’s hoping that if she marries him, her good energy will rub off on him,” the source said.

Even though Fergie has not agreed to marry Prince Andrew, the source said that the exes seem to have a lot more in common these days.

Decades ago, Ferguson was also involved in a major scandal involving a business tycoon named John Bryan. The toe-sucking scandal cost her her marriage to Prince Andrew, but the latter stood by Fergie’s side and stayed friends with her.

In fact, the Duke and Duchess of York continue to live under the same roof today.

And now that it’s Prince Andrew’s turn to be involved in a scandal, Ferguson has also vowed to give him all her support. In fact, despite all the allegations being thrown at Prince Andrew, Fergie still confidently says that he’s a good man.

For now, though, Prince Andrew and Fergie can’t possibly remarry and it’s all because of the queen. The monarch doesn’t allegedly think that it’s a good idea.

But if it were only up to the Yorks and their daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie they would’ve allegedly tied the knot again.

“Some are in disbelief at this latest turn of events. But most think remarrying is something that could definitely happen,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be more inaccurate. Prince Andrew and Ferguson have no plans to tie the knot again.

The exes are rumored to be getting back together because of the sexual abuse scandal that Prince Andrew is involved in. While it may seem practical for him to wed Ferguson for a so-called marriage pact, it doesn’t make sense for Prince Andrew to remarry Fergie because of her popularity.

The tabloid was also unable to share figures to confirm that Ferguson indeed has a high approval rating. It is important to note that some royal fans still haven’t forgiven her for cheating on Prince Andrew years ago.