Queen Elizabeth allegedly came to the realization that she made the right decision to bypass Prince Charles from the throne.

In its Oct. 11 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the queen initially second-guessed her decision especially since Prince Charles has been her loyal supporter.

But after the heir to the throne was involved in a recent scandal, she allegedly realized that bypassing Prince Charles is the best decision she could’ve ever made.

“Charles had hoped he could persuade his mother he’d been betrayed by a few rogue elements and he could sort this out. But the latest revelations have left him with more egg on his face and convinced the queen she’s made the right decision that Charles must be passed over and William be king,” the source said.

With this, the tabloid reiterated their previous allegation that Prince Charles must have known about the secret deals that Michael Fawcett had been making with those that want to get a medal from the queen.

And the speculations haven’t died down after Fawcett was accused of sexually assaulting another royal valet.

George Smith, a Falklands war veteran, claimed that Fawcett sexually assaulted him after having drinks in 1989. His brother, Brian told the tabloid that Buckingham Palace was aware of the incident, and they decided to cover it up to protect Prince Charles’ former aide.

Brian claimed that his brother didn’t want the royal family to know about what happened because he was ashamed of it. But he still felt the need to get it off his chest that’s why he shared the harrowing incident with Brian.

According to the tabloid, the sexual assault complaint was made public in 2003, but no action has been made because George passed away two years later.

Brian also claimed that he thinks his brother told Princess Diana about what happened, and the late royal decided to take the story to her grave.

“George was portrayed as a liar and a raving alcoholic. He became ill because of the royals. He had psychological problems from it. It was downplayed. It was on the news one day and of the next. It was just wiped under the carpet. I would call for a broader investigation into complaints against both Fawcett and Prince Charles,” he said.

However, it is unclear what Prince Charles has to do with the incident involving Fawcett. Even if he knew about it, it’s not his problem to solve.