Prince William and Kate Middleton allegedly had a trial separation last year amid rumors that the future king cheated on his wife with Rose Hanbury.

In its September 20 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the rumors weighed heavily on the Duchess of Cambridge. And there were speculations that she and Prince William separated briefly that’s why they weren’t photographed in public for months.

After a couple of months, Prince William and Middleton stepped out in public again as nothing happened.

“Kate admits they’ve had their share of ups and downs. But she’s told friends her relationship with William has never been stronger,” the source said.

Prior to the scandal, things weren’t always easy for Prince William and Middleton. In fact, the future queen consort struggled with the public’s acceptance after she and Prince William tied the knot.

A lot of people criticized her for being a commoner, but Middleton proved to them that she can do as the royals do.

“Word is, all the attention their romance received became too stressful for Kate to take. She was being judged constantly over the fact that she was a commoner, even though her family was financially well off,” the source said.

But over the years, Middleton has gained the public’s love and respect. In fact, she has been stepping up to the plate and doing as much as she can to help the royal family and The Firm.

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Megxit last year, Middleton and Prince William decided to take on more royal duties to help the queen.

And the royal couple has been receiving praises left and right for everything that they have been doing.

In fact, the source said that the mom of three is even trying to help Prince William and Prince Harry reconcile. She has allegedly made it one of her missions to see the brothers hanging out together with their respective children.

However, the same cannot be said about Middleton and Markle’s relationship.

According to the source, Middleton thought that they were finally on good terms. But following the release of Finding Freedom, the Duchess of Cambridge realized that Markle is just looking out for herself.

The Duchess of Sussex denied her involvement in the book, but Middleton doesn’t think her sister-in-law is telling the truth.